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100% Real Results

At LanaRoc Leads, we help you generate a consistent flow of leads (i.e phone calls that you close into sales).

Get a Custom Lead Generation System

With LanaRoc Leads we create an automated lead generation system for your target area, with potential customers interested in your services.

Real-Time Calls Dashboard

When you work with us you get access to our propriety call tracking app. Listen to calls, track calls and track revenue.

Want the phone to ring from hot prospects looking for your services?

We are a done for you lead generation company. We create lead generation strategies that attract local business. Our aim is to help you deliver results. Lead generation will enable your business to reach your target market.

We also ensure that your business appears in local searches not only on desktops, but also on mobile devices and tablets. Our goal is to earn outstanding listings on top of your local traffic competitors.
With our approach, we target your audience which will significantly increase your profitability. Our team keeps your business’ online listings accurate and optimized for potential customers and mapping systems. This ensures that your phone has every opportunity to ring!


We Prevent You Losing Customers to Your Competition!

Our proven strategies will help you drive more customers to your business with Google traffic. The best part?… You don’t need to lift a finger because we build, rank and maintain high converting web properties and send traffic to it even in very competitive markets.

All you continue to do is run your business as normal.

  • We connect you with pre-qualified customers
  • You save money and time because you only get the right strategies for the best results to your ROI
  • You can rely on our experienced and knowledgeable team

What Results Have We Got?

Wahid, plumbing
For a very long time, I did not believe in any sort of advertising whatsoever. I firmly thought that they were all part of a big scam and that their only goal was to get my money. At first, I almost hung up on the sales rep, just like I did on all other sales reps but when I heard that I only had to pay for relevant phone calls, I decided to try it, since the concept was new to me. Additionally, I was happy to hear they didn’t even require my involvement, all I needed to do is to sign up and choose the locations I wanted my business to be exposed in. Today, I can certainly say I’m glad I didn’t hang up on the sales rep back then, since for the first time ever I see very good results from advertising. A good amount of my current clients come through this service, and my ROI is solid”

Nathaniel, remodelling
“I was struggling with my AdWords account for months trying to figure how to advertise my business properly. The keyword research was too exhausting and useless as most of the time my ads were disapproved or with a limited reach. As a technologically challenged person, I did not fully understand what that meant. I really wanted to give up because the complications made me realize that advertising online simply was not for me. That had been the case until I received a phone call from a Sales Rep. I decided to try it as my last resort, and boy was I lucky. In only a few weeks they managed to significantly increase the number of calls to my business. The best thing though is that I do not have to do anything by myself, I do not even manage my own account; their dedicated representatives do all the work for me, and I just get the results. I could not be happier”.

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“Being able to systematically generate a regular flow of leads into your business is crucial for success. Using the power of lead generation you can build relationships, drive sales and get real results for your business.” Rochelle Odubela, Marketing & Sales Director, LanaRoc Solutions Ltd

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